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Image Licensing and Copyright Issues

Posted in Uncategorized by Billy Soh on March 27, 2009

When a photographer is hired to shoot, he is hired for the services and physical presence at the site. The images that he produces on the shoot immediately becomes his property and are automatically copyrighted to him. No matter what the content of the images are, be it his client’s products or services, the image belongs to the photographer. When the photographer hands over the images to his clients, the rights of the images still belongs to him. At such a point, the clients may have paid for the photographer’s services, the images used have not been paid for. The photographer will have given the images away to the clients for free if licensing or sale of copyrights are not enforced. 

While many photographers may not be very much aware, it is licensing images that will keep their business going.

Licensing may not be what the client likes to hear, enforcement of licensing is a form of commitment between the client and the photographer to produce good work. Good work goes a long way, and it is mutually beneficial. It could take place between photographers and clients as some forms of special arrangements too, whichever works better. Putting it down on paper is always best.


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