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Townhall meeting of the sticker lady incident.

Posted in Uncategorized by Billy Soh on June 12, 2012

So the community has to agree that the sticker lady had done very good work, so good that it brushes with the law.

Just to state my own thoughts on this.

1. I did not find the need to sign the petition. There is not any need for her to be sentenced at all. This petition is a knee jerk reaction from the community. It shows how deep the disorganization is within the community itself. The petition should be to lobby for the vandalism act to be reviewed or repealed, not for a light sentence on sklo. For the sake of sklo’s good, please don’t petition unless the petition is not about her transgressions, as it is now the law transgressing the integrity of art.

2. The mainstream media had over sensationalized the whole issue. If the authorities really slapped her with a 3 year jail sentence, she’d be outdoing banksy, hence the value of her work would skyrocket. I’m very curious to know whether sklo had been fingered out by a mole of the police force or not. That is a really good job done if there was a mole. It just made her famous, probably more than she could ask for. While her work is very good, I see no political worth in her work for the authorities to react in such a manner, unless it’s the case of “anything that isn’t the PAP is considered leftist”

3. Just to sidetrack a little. This land doesn’t just belong to the politicians’ interest only. In fact, the politicians also make up the numbers of the general public. So does all the uniformed services and civil services. It is only wise to question motives.

4. The psychological aspect of our total defence is severely undernourished. Arts, culture, traditions and identities have their roles in that form of contribution. If it is something money can’t buy, that’ll be culture, tradition and identity, and art is a response to all that. If it’s gone, it’s gone, what’s left for the soldiers to defend? Families can always migrate, it’s not as if our ancestors hadn’t migrated. Talking about defending our land, it is really not good to defend anymore. Cost of living is high, wages are average, cost of running a business is high (I wonder why), making a living is really quite difficult. If anything bad should happen here, I won’t be surprised if 60.2% of the population flees to Thailand to seek refuge. There’s a very good reason why arts and humanities is called arts and humanities. Arts comes before humanities, as humanities is the result of art.

Too tired to think or write anymore. Till another time.